“Hartford Courant” sorts the 2012 presidential candidates into “Potter” houses

The Hartford Courant is taking a different approach to breaking down the 2012 presidential field – sorting the candidates into their respective Harry Potter houses.

The article puts Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, and Mitt Romney into Slytherin, noting certain characteristics that can be read here:

“Of all the Republican candidates, only Ron Paul, whose no-nonsense bluntness in the debates shines through and probably contributed to his second-place finish in the recent Iowa straw poll, can be called a Gryffindor. Sorting others in the GOP race, I would put Rick Santorum in Hufflepuff, Herman Cain and Jon Huntsman in Ravenclaw and Newt Gingrich in Slytherin.”

Currently, President Obama is labeled as a Gryffindor. Do you agree with the above assessment and the article that Gryffindor is the dominant house among Presidents past and present?