Pottermore Beta Clue #4 now available – gain early access to J.K. Rowling’s new site! (updated)

UPDATE: The fourth beta clue is now closed.  It took roughly thirty minutes for today’s allotment of sign-ups to run out.  Try again tomorrow!  We do not know what time sign-ups will be opening tomorrow.

The fourth beta clue, which will make it possible for you to sign-up for the Pottermore beta, is now available!

Simply visit Pottermore.com, solve the clue, and follow the instructions.

While this will not give you instant access to Pottermore, if you follow all of the instructions and confirm your account via e-mail, you will have access to the site when it opens in the next few weeks.  If you do not get a beta account, you will have to wait until the site opening in October.

Good luck to everyone!  Once you get an account, leave your Pottermore username for us to see in the comments.  Mine is CastleCloak3!