MuggleCast #241: One And Done now available!

The latest episode of our Harry Potter podcast is now available! Andrew, Eric, and Micah discuss the latest news, continue Chapter-by-Chapter and respond to your e-mails!

– Potter films not going into a Warner Bros. vault after all?
– Micah asks if U.K. viewers have been able to see the Ultimate Editions?
– There has been a LOT of press lately for the Studio Tour. Is it too much?
– Chapter-by-Chapter encompasses “The Woes of Mrs. Weasley” and “Luna Lovegood.”
– What was Lucius Malfoy doing down in the dungeons, and is Fudge under someone else’s spell?
– Ron and Hermione are made Prefects. Does Ron deserve the distinction?
– Mrs. Weasley lets Sirius out of the dog’s house, but it’s not for his own good.
– Is Harry going Loony, or is he just growing up naturally?
– MuggleMail covers predictions, public defenders, DVDs and more black berries!

Plus for you Game of Thrones fans, be sure to check out GameOfOwns, a new fan site run by several of the MuggleCast hosts.

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