Pottermore Insider opens new survey for beta testers

Pottermore Insider was updated today, asking beta testers everywhere to complete a brief online survey that would give them a better understanding about what works and what doesn’t on their interactive site.

According to the Insider, “You’ll be able to comment on the different areas of the site, let us know what you enjoy, and what you think could be even better.”

As many beta users know, fans have already been able to respond to individual pages on Pottermore by “liking” them, and rating them on whether or not they are easy to navigate, but this new survey will give users the chance to submit specific, in-depth comments about particulars of the website, which should help the creators a great deal.

If you are one of the million beta testers out there, you can access the online survey right here. But let us know, too! Which are your favorite aspects of Pottermore and which need the most work?