Evanna Lynch talks life after Potter with HF Magazine

In a new interview with Evanna Lynch, who plays Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, the actress opens up with HF magazine about loneliness, her inspirations and whom she would like to work with, again, in the future.

“Mostly I’d like to work with my friends again. I’d love to work with anyone from Harry Potter again as we had such an unbelievable time together. I think the reason the Potter films are so good, too, is because everyone gelled so well. When you’re with people you trust, you don’t care how ridiculous you look. I’d love to work with my Potter friends again because the trust is already there and we could be as ridiculous as possible.”

The full article has since been removed from the website, but SnitchSeeker has it here in it’s entirety, along with some gorgeous photographs from the cover shoot.

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tip!

Kat Miller

I am a 40-something Ravenclaw/Slytherin from Massachusetts. I've been lucky in life and can attribute a lot of that to Harry Potter. Without it, I wouldn't have at least 80% of the things I do today, including my career & closest friends. I truly despise Sirius Black.