Pottermore Insider Blog Update: Site back online, common questions answered

The Pottermore Insider Blog has been updated to let fans know that the site is now back online after a three-day maintenance period.

“The updates we’ve made over the past few days have mainly involved replacing hardware, so while you won’t see any obvious changes on the site itself, there has been a lot of work undertaken to help make the site run more smoothly.

You can help us test these behind-the-scenes improvements by logging in and using the site as you normally would: interacting with Moments, adding comments, brewing potions, etc. We’ll be monitoring Pottermore closely over the next few days to see how the site performs.”

There are also answers to some common Pottermore inquires, such as “how do I change my e-mail address and/or password,” “can I change the Sorting Hat’s decisions,” and more.