Ascendio 2012 announces their park event

Our friends at H.P.E.F. have officially announced next summer’s party-in-the-park event at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Night of a Thousand Wizards 2.

A sequel to their park event at Infinitus in 2010, Night of a Thousand Wizards, “NoaTW2” will take place on Thursday night (July 12, 2012) from 8:00pm to 1:00am the following day. That Thursday is the very first day of their conference, Ascendio 2012 and anyone with either full registration or an individual day-pass to the Harry Potter convention has the opportunity to get tickets right now, by following this link on their web-site.

Tickets, in limited quantity, may be available soon for guests not attending Ascendio but who still want to celebrate. And here is why they would:

  • Full costumes will be allowed into the Wizarding World theme park during this park event. Normally, costumes are NOT allowed into the theme park due to park guest confusion between Potter fans and the decorative staff of the Wizarding World.
  • As an improvement to last year, a full meal will be served during the park event. Dessert and butterbeer to top it off!
  • Ascendio’s special guests will be on-site and in the park, doing various things that are yet to be announced.
  • Proceeds for all tickets will partly benefit both our friends at The Harry Potter Alliance and The International Quidditch Association.

We asked the P.R. Chair for Ascendio, Heidi Tandy, to sum up exactly what will be cool about Night of a Thousand Wizards 2. She said:

Some people’s favorite memories from last time were of sitting in The Three Broomsticks at midnight – and beyond – until the House Elves come to sweep the floor. The thing about NoaTW 2 is, it’s the only chance people have this year to be in the Park, in costume, in that magical space that allows us to really feel like Hogwarts students or professors, to be witches and wizards on the cobblestones and in The Hog’s Head for a few hours, surrounded by friends and fellow fans.

If you are planning to register for Ascendio 2012, please visit MuggleNet’s very special landing page on their site. We hope to see you there!

Eric S.

Eric Scull joined MuggleNet in November of 2002. Since that time, he’s presided over a number of sections, including name origins and Dear Hogwarts, but none so long as the recently revived Crazy Caption Contest. Eric is a Hufflepuff who lives in Chicago and loves the outdoors.