Fandom videos spotlight: Hand drawn animation and small-town Yule Balls

We have two great videos to share with you for this week’s video spotlight.

The first video, submitted by MuggleNet reader Kristina, is an animated music video to popular wizard rock band “Ministry of Magic” and their song, titled Lily, which has to do with Severus Snape’s affection. What’s exciting about this piece (available in the feed or by clicking here is that each frame of animation was hand-drawn, leaving over 500 pages of drawings as the source of the video, which took three months to make.

Second, do you remember this summer when the final HP film came out? Did you celebrate it with your friends, as MuggleNet reader Kylie did? Titled “Deathly Hallows Goodbye,” the video shows “how we celebrated the last Deathly Hallows film in our small Canadian town” (from Kylie). They waited in line outside the theater for hours, in costume, and even held a Midsummer Yule Ball the day afterwards, as a proper send-off. The video reminds us of how fun it is to have a group of Harry Potter fans that we can all do fun things with.

You can submit your own fandom video, OR a video you think deserves to be featured on our site (as BOTH of today’s artists did) by e-mailing the link to us right here.

Eric S.

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