MuggleNet Fan Fiction Thursday: “Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle”

This week’s featured fan fiction, Alexandra Quick and the Thorn Circle, is the award winner of the 2008 Quick Silver Quills Award for Best General Story. It has 29 chapters and tons of great reviews. It was written by Inverarity, who has several stories on the site. The war against Voldemort never reached America, but all is not well there. When 11-year-old Alexandra Quick learns she is a witch, she is plunged into a world of prejudices, intrigue, and danger. Who wants Alexandra dead, and why?

Please note: This story is rated 1st – 2nd Years, and contains Character Death & Violence. Read more about MNFF’s rating system here.

There was a burst and a flash of light and Alexandra was thrown back onto her bed. Dazzled, she couldn’t move for a second, and then she sat up. The ball of energy was gone, but there was a terrible sense of foreboding in the air. She jumped up and ran over to Charlie’s cage.

“Charlie!” she exclaimed. “Are you all right?”

The raven had also been stunned. It fluttered its wings and cooed feebly.

Not knowing what she’d done or whether she’d undone it, she sat back on her bed and wrapped her arms around herself, and shivered. Outside, she saw snow beginning to fall.

You can read the full story, as well as over 9,000 others, at MuggleNet Fan Fiction.

Kat Miller

I am a 40-something Ravenclaw/Slytherin from Massachusetts. I've been lucky in life and can attribute a lot of that to Harry Potter. Without it, I wouldn't have at least 80% of the things I do today, including my career & closest friends. I truly despise Sirius Black.