Recipe of the Week: Butterbeer Cupcakes

As we all know, the favorite drink of choice in the wizarding world is none other than the delicious butterscotch drink, butterbeer. Harry, Ron, and Hermione often enjoyed a warm, frothy butterbeer while contemplating their next move; whether it be with the D.A. or Voldemort himself. This week’s recipe submission, thanks to the Collegiate Baker, will help you understand what makes the flavor of butterbeer go a long way with these butterbeer cupcakes.

Since we are featuring new recipes every other week, we would love to hear what Potter-inspired dishes you plan on making for your holiday party. Whether it is Yorkshire pudding, one of the Weasley Wizard Wheezes, or one of Molly’s famous Christmas cookies.

Also, take a look at this magic pie-eating contest held at The Kings of Wessex Academy. The students chose a Potter-themed Christmas charity week. The event included students in costumes, a Hogwarts feast, and a pie-eating contest. The pies were made of mango and butternut squash served with cockroach clusters and butterbeer as a nice beverage. A student reporter from the academy said, “The feast disappeared as if by magic, leaving Jake Taylor and Nathan Worcester victorious and whetting the students’ appetites for the spellbinding week ahead.”

If you have any charity events with Potter-themed food and fun, send us your stories, photos, or videos. Always remember that we are happy to receive new recipes, too! Simply follow the recipe submission guidelines, and don’t forget to take a photo (or even submit a video) of your dish. Happy Potter-cooking!

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