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Mini Treacle Tarts 0

Mini Treacle Tarts (GF)

Be careful. Once you start eating these mini tarts, you may not stop until they are gone!

Snape's Butterbeer Fudge 0

Snape’s Butterbeer Fudge

Candy making and potions are both an exact science. This recipe comes from none other than the Half-Blood Prince himself, who made this fudge for Lily Potter as a gift when they were young.

Rosmerta's Recipes - Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants 0

Mini Pumpkin Pie Croissants

Pumpkin is an ingredient in some of the most memorable dishes in the entire “Harry Potter” series. This recipe adds a pumpkin twist to a breakfast classic.

Snargaluff Stump Cake 0

Snargaluff Stump

Remember in Harry’s sixth year when the trio had to extract pods from this very plant? We promise this one isn’t as dangerous (and it tastes much better).