Introducing “Potter-Inspired Weddings”

We already know there will be magic in the air on your big day, but what better way to add some extra sparks than a Potter-Inspired wedding?

For those of us who grew up as proud members of the Harry Potter generation, it goes without saying that the series should be kept close to our hearts at all times, and in all stages of our lives.

This section is for those Potter fans who cherish the series enough to feature it in their very own wedding. With wedding attire, music, food and recipes, decoration themes, and more, Potter-Inspired Weddings covers all of the essential details that will make your Potter-themed wedding as magical as possible. It will be as if it had taken place in the world of Harry himself.

Not planning a wedding? Not a problem! This section will also cater to fans who simply enjoy the romance that runs throughout the series, by featuring the various romantic couples that exist throughout the books – and even some unconventional pairings that have been induced by the fandom.

Finally, if you are having – or have had – your own Potter-inspired wedding, you may have the chance to be featured on MuggleNet! Visit our Muggle Matrimony page for more information.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email us at – or simply write in the comments below.