Fan opinion: Why the “Hunger Games” movie was better than “Harry Potter”

Our oft-thought controversial editorialist in The Three Broomsticks saw a very excellent film this weekend – so good in fact that it made him question why he hasn’t quite felt the same magic in Harry’s movie adaptations the past few years.

In this new quibble, hpboy13 tracks the top seven reasons why he believes the new Hunger Games movie was a better film than most of the Harry Potter adaptations. His reasoning is that in addition to engaging in smarter marketing techniques and budgeting, the team that made The Hunger Games tried to keep it closer to the original text – more than WB ever attempted.

This is just one fan’s opinion, and – as per usual – we invite you to pull over a chair, grab a butterbeer, and meet him for interesting discourse in the Three Broomsticks section.

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