The Phelps Twins Visit the Emerald City

By: Kirsten Filyaw

Videos by fireglaze21

Panel Discussion – Part 1

This past weekend in Seattle, Washington, one of the biggest events in the Pacific Northwest took place: Emerald City Comicon 2012. This event is all about getting your nerd on, which means, dressing up as your favorite character, bringing your comics to be signed by artists and authors, and maybe getting a chance to see a celebrity. However, there is no denying Comicon was over ran with Harry Potter fans trying to get a photo, a glimpse, or even a hand shake from the famous twins who played Fred and George Weasley. Attendees channeled their inner wizard by sporting a range of costumes from Hogwarts house uniforms to mimicking a specific character’s wardrobe. The first day the twin’s arrived one could not turn a corner without bumping into a Harry Potter fan. The special guests, the fans, the directors of Comicon, even the fire marshals could not ignore the influx of people. The Comicon staff had to stop letting people in because the capacity for the Convention Center was busting at the seams.

The large amount of fans did not stop James and Oliver Phelps from shaking hands and kissing babies. Or should I say posing with babies? There is no question; the most popular photo taken at Comicon was the twins posing with a newborn baby. Every time the photo was shown there was a loud “aw” sound from the surrounding crowd. When they were not posing for photos their hands were scribbling autographs, but their busy lines did not stop them from taking a moment to indulge in a chat about their time in the Emerald City so far. Of course they were having a good time, could not wait to explore the city some more, and catch the Seattle Sounder’s soccer game later that evening. Luckily, the weather cooperated and the Seattle rain let up to a nice sprinkle for the game. The fans were pleased to hear the twins tell the panel audience although the atmosphere was different from the games back home, the Sounder’s had one of the loudest crowds they had ever heard. Ask any one from Seattle; a Sounder’s game is always a perfect way to wrap up a Saturday night in the city.

Panel Discussion – Part 2

Sunday, April 1st, was filled with more photos and autographs, but it was really all about the twins’ panel, fans could not stop buzzing about what the twins may talk about. Needless to say that audience was not disappointed. The twin’s had the loudest cheer of the weekend when they walked onto the stage. Even though they seemed much more conservative than their characters, each had a whimsical flare about them, James rocking a pair of bright blue samba’s and Oliver showed his support for Seattle by wearing emerald green socks. In their panel the twins discussed many topics with the host and the audience. Topics touched on their fellow cast mentors and their future careers. The twins are hoping to spend half their time working of projects together and the other half flying solo. They also discussed Prisoner of Azkaban being their favorite Harry Potter book and what it is like filming on a green screen, according to James it is rather dull. However, there were a few moments when the audience held their breath so not miss a word they were saying. The first being when James talked about being on the bullet train while reading Fred’s death scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. The Japanese ticket taker did not understand James’ character had just died! James said “It was a bit of surreal feeling”. He compared it to what it would feel like to lose a best friend. Oliver explained how the day of filming Fred’s death scene was one of the hardest and most emotional days on set for him because he had to draw from personal experiences to reach the emotional level needed for that scene. Even though that was the most emotional day for Oliver, he believes that Fred’s death scene is more powerful because only one of the twins dies in the battle.

Panel Discussion – Part 3

When a fan asked about the beaded bracelets they both wear, it felt as though they let all fences down, it gave the audience a chance to feel how truly kind James and Oliver are. The talked about their charity work with Help Harry Help Others. It is a charity that fundraises for brain tumor research in the UK. They told the unbelievably moving story of Harry Moseley, who wanted to raise money in order to help a friend who also suffered from a brain tumor. He made these beaded bracelets and started to sell them. His friend has since passed but Harry’s campaign is still going strong. The panel was the perfect mixture of laughs and seriousness. However, the audience was pleased hear that the twins are hoping the Harry Potter films do not get remade in ten or twenty years. James said there are so many other great book series out there to be made into movies and he hopes Harry Potter will set the standard for other series. It would seem foolish not to agree with him.

Panel Discussion – Part 4

It was a marvelous weekend and fans could not have been happier then to see the Phelps twins in Seattle. People came from all over the state to meet them and were more than satisfied. James and Oliver seemed to enjoy themselves and are eager to come back and spend more time here.