Alohomora! Roundup: “The Sorting Hat, The Potions Master”

This past week thousands of fans around the world picked up their copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and rediscovered the very old magic of the book series. We watched as Harry was sorted into Gryffindor – “not Slytherin, not Slytherin!” – and then we all got a crash course in Transfiguration, where we discovered it was possible to turn a desk into a pig (and back again).

Now that’s an ethical problem! Via magic did Professor McGonagall bring a life form into existence and then…kill it? We discussed this a great deal on episode three of Alohomora!, and fans have been having an excellent discussion about this issue in our new forums.

Considering this reading was all about the Sorting process we asked fans everywhere to tell us how it really works in site comments and in larger, extended quibbles – thanks to Alohomora! users Ali Wood, LumosNight3, and RoseLumos for these great insights.

Alohomora! has quickly turned into one of the largest and friendliest book clubs in the world. Are you re-reading with us?