Quibble of the Week: “The Seven Wonders of the Weasleys”

This week’s Quibble of the Week comes to us from LumosNight3, and it’s straight out of our Alohomora! section. It features a close examination at everybody’s favorite wizarding family – the Weasleys. LumosNight3 examines whether or not all of the Weasley members truly belonged in Gryffindor, as they each seem to have traits that would allow them to fit perfeclty into the other houses of Hogwarts:

As we see frequently in the Harry Potter series, many characters seem to possess attributes that could have landed them in another House altogether, and in some instances, the argument in favor of a different House is very strong (Hermione, Neville, Harry, the list goes on and on)…If we look at the Weasleys and where they’re sorted, which is entirely into Gryffindor House, and compare it to all that we now know about the Houses, can we really honestly say that all of them would have ended up in Gryffindor?

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