MuggleNet Interactive hosts summer trivia-based Quidditch Tournament

The sixth annual SNITCH Quidditch Tournament begins in just under one week on MuggleNet Interactive, as the top Quidditch teams from across the world prepare to claim the prized Quidditch Trophy.

If you haven’t checked out Quidditch on MNI – no, it’s sadly not a game of taking off from the ground on broomsticks. But there are Chasers, Beaters, Keepers, and Seekers! Instead of flying around a large pitch, these players are racing each other to answer Harry Potter trivia. And not just “Who teaches Transfiguration?” trivia – but more like, “Who plays bass for the Weird sisters, and what Quidditch team does he/she support?” and answered within 30 seconds.

If you think you are a master of Harry Potter trivia and want to watch the tournament so you can join in next season, or just want to see these all-stars battle it out, register on MNI and follow the SNITCH Season 6 Tournament!