MuggleNet Interactive Spotlight – The World of Roleplay

This week we are featuring the exciting Roleplay section on MuggleNet Interactive! Have you ever wanted to write a perpetual story of a character, caught in Rowling’s wizarding world, who might even interact with some of the canon characters about whom we read so much? If so, you should definitely come check out one of the largest Potter roleplay communities on the web!

MNI’s Roleplay section also has a special area, known as MNI-Wide Roleplay, which allows writers to chronicle the lives of a character in a single, continuous plotline – in other words, these characters are written into Rowling’s canon found in the books and beyond the end of her last page. All the while, these characters interact with one another, as many writers develop the story of a world together.

So if you love to write, particularly about the Harry Potter universe, register for an account on MuggleNet Interactive and find your way to the Roleplay section today!