To costume or not to costume, that is the question?

If you have ever wondered how to make that special Harry Potter event even more special, you have probably asked yourself, “What costume should I wear?” How you can add the right touch to a costume can sometimes be a difficult question to answer, whether you are attending a convention, a local Harry Potter meet-up with close friends, or even the upcoming Halloween party in your neighborhood.

When it comes to costumes there are three basic techniques to go with:

– Custom-made costume
– Pre-made costume
– Muggle clothes

When it comes to custom-made costumes, you are looking at both time and money as a major factor. For example, MuggleNet’s Keith Hawk and Josee Leblanc recently attended LeakyCon in custom-made costumes as Dumbledore and Fawkes (hand-made from scratch over a period of three months of intense labor).

Pre-made costumes are by far the easiest and most affordable way to go, and are guaranteed to look great. Just take a look at these Harry Potter costumes. You can have premium costumes of all types and sizes at a very affordable price. It is just a matter of selecting what works best for you, and within days you are ready to attend that convention or party. On top of that, they will last a very long time as these costumes are well-crafted with high-quality materials.

Here at MuggleNet, we don’t even consider Muggle clothes as an option, unless you are wearing your MuggleNet t-shirt of course!