‘Finding Hogwarts’ offers ‘Potter’ fans the chance to tell their story

Fan Documentary Finding Hogwarts is putting together a special featurette on their DVD/Blu-ray compiled of videos from Potter fans talking about ‘What impact Harry Potter has had’ on their lives. The videos should be kept under 3 minutes and uploaded to YouTube at the best resolution your camera allows. They are requesting all videos be uploaded by September 15. Full guidelines for the video including how to have your story included can be found here!

Finding Hogwarts is now available to order on DVD and Blu-ray at FindingHogwarts.com – all orders placed by September 20 are eligible to be thanked by name in the film credits for their support of the film.

Finding Hogwarts is a documentary to explore what makes Harry Potter and his fandom so special through the stories of seven of his biggest fans, and the journey they took together to find Hogwarts – the heart of Harry’s magical world. It was made by Harry Potter fans for their fellow fans, and has no affiliation with any official Harry Potter entities, including Warner Bros and J.K. Rowling.