Harry Potter table with airbrushed art for sale in Pennsylvania

Tess and Frank Bigler of Sweet Valley, PA have what looks like a dining room table for sale, though if you ask me it seems a bit too cool to eat on.

The table, which you can see in its fullest glory right here, is really a work of art. It presents artistic renderings of the trio and Voldemort likely inspired by the movie posters of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The entire table is painted over in dark and purple flames and clouds and a very magical image of Hogwarts appears in the center, between the characters. According to Frank the entire project of painting the table took about 20 hours to complete – it’s a 4×6 foot heavy duty table with chrome legs.

If you happen to live in Pennsylvania and you are interested in purchasing this unique table from Frank, send us an email at fanart@staff.mugglenet.com and we’ll be happy to put you in contact with him.