Interviews with Daniel Radcliffe show a look at his current movie and television projects

We recently reported that Daniel Radcliffe would have a showcase at the Whistler Film Festival to discuss his latest projects. Since then, a few new interviews have surfaced featuring Dan as he talks about his roles in his latest projects which include, Horns, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Kill Your Darlings, and The F Word. There are two video interviews (one of which can be seen above) from ET Canada showing Daniel discussing his role in the movie Horns. He provides more information about the plot of the story and the effects the horns have on his character as well as other characters. You can hear Dan’s American accent and see a few snippets of scenes from the movie as well. Watch the second video here.

Additionally, Daniel spoke with The Telegraph about various topics including Harry Potter, his role Kill Your Darlings (to be released next year), and his role in the miniseries, A Young Doctor’s Notebook. The lengthy interview also touches a bit on Daniel’s personal life and his success as an actor. Interviewer Nigel Farndale says about Dan:

His politeness seems to be one of his defining characteristics. For his own part he has, in the past, described himself as nerdy, hyperactive and skittish, and you can see little hints of those things in his personality, too. But no one seems to have a bad word to say about him, and that, all things considered, is quite an achievement.

The entire interview can be read on The Telegraph’s website, where fans can also browse through a few photos of Dan.

Out of all these interesting upcoming roles, which are you most excited to see Daniel take on? Share your thoughts in the comments – and be sure to check back for our complete coverage of Dan’s event from the Whistler Film Festival!

Thanks to SnitchSeeker for the tips!