Tom Felton discusses missing Draco, playing villains, and lack of activity on Pottermore

Tom Felton has been rather busy lately forging his post-Harry Potter career, attending a variety of fan conventions, visiting the Warner Bros Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter in London and filming for the movie Belle, a drama set in the Victorian era.

In an interview with Australian paper, The Chronicle, Tom revealed that playing the villain in Belle has been refreshing, as he’s been missing Draco:

“I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss him. It was a great ability to vent all the frustration and anger of day to day life through him. He was very good fun and it got more interesting as the years got on, which was nice.”

Tom also told The Chronicle a bit about his experience with Pottermore, or rather lack of experience since the website went live:

“We signed up ages ago when they first set up the website but I haven’t been sorted yet,” [Tom Felton] laughed. “I am still awaiting my destiny. I don’t think I could face it if it was anything but Slytherin to be honest with you.”

Thanks to Snitchseeker for the tip!