Daniel Radcliffe on BBC’s “The Graham Norton Show”

Daniel Radcliffe made yet another appearance on The Graham Norton Show, which aired in the UK this past Friday. For Dan’s US fans, the show will air this Saturday, December 15, on BBC America. Daniel discussed his new TV series, A Young Doctor’s Notebook as well as his film, Woman in Black which released at the beginning of this year.

Regarding A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Daniel says: “It’s quite bizarre. It features amputations and syphilis, none of which sounds funny, but it is.” He goes on about playing the younger Jon Hamm saying, “Facially, we are more alike than you would think, but there is a slight discrepancy in height. But if you can look past that you’ll enjoy yourself.”

When it comes to Woman in Black, Daniel explains briefly, “It’s great. I get strange pleasure from that. It was frightening and I did say not to let your children see it.”Definitely agree with Dan on this one!

This is the seventh episode this season of The Graham Norton Show, and also features Olympian Jessica Ennis, comedian Ricky Gervais, and singer Bruno Mars. It looks like a great episode to tune in on!

Do you plan on watching? Which upcoming project of Dan’s are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!