Fan builds her own Honeydukes Sweetshop out of dollhouse making kit

A little while ago, we featured a fan on MuggleNet who created Hogwarts castle in his bedroom, using an assortment of household materials. Ever since we made that post we’ve been getting a range of new emails from fans who have also created scaled down versions of buildings from Harry’s magical world, and today we would like to share with you all another piece of art. Click here, and you can scroll through the work of Elizabeth Hamlet, who has constructed Hogsmeade’s famous Honeydukes Sweetshop using a do-it-yourself dollhouse making kit.

If you look at these images carefully you will find Elizabeth took the time to make this Honeydukes a completely authentic representation. Everything from the small labeled bottles on the shelves to the curved pink staircase appear to capture the descriptions of the shop from the Harry Potter book series. Great job, Elizabeth!

If you would like your own Potter-related artwork to be featured here on our site, remember you can send an email addressed to fanart at staff dot mugglenet dot com.