Father builds authentic Weasley clock to keep track of his family

Ever since the Harry Potter series became the international phenomenon it is today, it has inspired fans to try to create the magical devices in the books using modern technology. As we’ve previously reported over the years, engineers have successfully developed a cloak that can bend light and create near-invisibility for the wearer and a universal remote that is made to appear like a magic wand.

Today we’re featuring a clock one fan has manufactured to keep watch on his family, which looks and functions almost exactly like Molly Weasley’s magical clock in J.K. Rowling’s fantasy series. The “Harry Potter Wherabouts Clock” is nearly identical to the Burrow clock in every respect, in fact, except it doesn’t use magic to locate family members – it uses Twitter.

The creator, Brad, had this to say about the build and how it functions for his family: “The clock uses a wireless connection to retrieve four Twitter feeds, parse them, and decide where to set the hands. It then passes the information to an arduino board, which drives four servo motors to turn the hands.”

And also, to your unanswered question… no. This clock is not for sale. It is the only one of its kind! However, the creator is considering releasing a kit so fans can make their own. Would you buy such a clock for your own family if it were available?

Thanks to Twitter user @tietj for the tip!