Quibble: Was Lord Voldemort actually Harry’s Horcrux…?

It’s been many years since it happened – either six or fifteen years ago depending on your personal timeline – but fans everywhere are still racking thier brains over what really happened to Harry Potter in the Forbidden Forest that fateful night, when Lord Voldemort used the Killing Curse on him that final time.

After hearing many theories over on MuggleSpace, staff member Brandon Smith has written a Quibble finally setting the record straight. If you are still unsure about how Harry survived, the answer may surprise you. As Brandon explains, Voldemort acted more or less as Harry’s Horcrux – not the other way around:

In other words, Voldemort made Harry invincible by taking his blood. Normally, the resurrection spell’s call for the blood of an enemy is purely for the benefit of the one coming back to life. But because of Lily’s magical protection, caused by her sacrificing herself for Harry, it mutated the spell. Voldemort did indeed resurrect himself, but by doing so, he turned himself into an anchor for Harry’s life.

For many of you out there, Harry’s survival at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was no mystery – and yet this Quibble still raises some interesting questions. If Voldemort was essentially a Horcrux for Harry, does that mean there is a fundamental connection between Lily’s love protection and the act of creating a Horcrux?

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