Watch Hermione Granger take on Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen in new fan fic web series “BAMF Girls Club”

When the Harry Potter fandom was in its heyday, there were few young people in the world who didn’t in some way look up to Hermione Granger. Especially around the time the Prisoner of Azkaban movie came out, many believed her bravery to face Draco Malfoy posited her as a model for young women.

But since Harry Potter‘s success, other major fandoms have emerged with their own notable heroines as well. Over the years Hermione has been compared and contrasted with the Hunger Games‘s Katniss Everdeen and even Twilight‘s Bella Swan.

But what would happen if these characters were forced to be roommates with each other? Would they work together as friends, or would their eccentric natures and superhuman talents cause them to break out in war? The Comediva girls on YouTube have produced an entire web series of funny episodes addressing these questions, and we’re happy to report our favorite witch fairs well against these new female foes.

Still, though, to us (and we’re sure you’ll all agree), Hermione Granger is clearly the biggest BAMF of them all.