Evanna Lynch on-set of “G.B.F.” film, attends Tribeca Film Festival LA reception

Evanna Lynch is returning to the big screen! An all new behind-the-scenes look from the new teen comedy, G.B.F. (‘Gay Best Friend’) has surfaced on YouTube with commentary from the film’s director, Darren Stein. Evanna plays malicious McKenzie Price, an oppressive and homophobic character. A sneak peek of a few scenes with Evanna begin around 2:30, and again at the end.

In addition, Evanna and the G.B.F. cast/crew attended the Tribeca Film Festival reception this past week in Los Angeles. We managed to snag a couple of amazing photos of the actress as she posed for pictures at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Evanna with cast-mates

Tribeca Film Festival reception

Tribeca Film Festival reception 2

Tribeca Film Festival reception 3

Tribeca Film Festival reception 4

What do you think of the behind-the-scenes look and Evanna’s American/Valley girl accent? Are you excited to see the movie?

Thanks to Snitchseeker for the tip!

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