Fandom Crossover: “Harry Potter” meets “Men in Black”

Distinguished head of the Auror Office – Harry Potter – has recently issued a change of attire for all employed aurors of the Ministry of Magic, which closely parallels the dress of the Men in Black – yet another fighting force (first seen in the late 90s) that is dedicated to preserving peace between the humans of Earth and the aliens that live among them.

When asked about the change of uniform (the cermonial auror cloaks), Mr. Potter had very little to say to this Daily Prophet reporter. In fact, he said nothing at all – choosing instead to walk on past while his right hand man Ronald Weasley got in my way.

Lucky for me, I’m a fan of Will Smith movies. As Mr. Weasley took out his pair of dark shades, I knew what was coming – so I ducked and avoided the near contact of his powerful memory charm, and got away as quick as I could so I could bring this story to you all today.

Wait – what’s this? I’ve just remembered that the aurors have not changed their clothes at all, and that the entirety of the previous story is indeed false! Please forgive this sudden gap in my memory.