J.K. Rowling urges government action against invasive British media

The British press is known for pushing privacy boundaries of the celebrities whose lives they chronicle. Tomorrow, lawmakers in parliament will vote on new tactics aimed at reigning in some of the more invasive practices, including implementing heavy fines for violation of privacy.

Many British celebrities who have been affected by aggressive media-hounding are testifying at the hearing, including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. Rowling has testified before about the negative impact invasive press has had on her and her family. Rowling has expressed her dissatisfaction with the lack of government action on the issue.

I believed [Prime Minister] David Cameron when he said that he would implement [Lord Justice Brian] Leveson’s recommendations ‘unless they were bonkers.’ I did not see how he could back away, with honour, from words so bold and unequivocal. Well, he has backed away, and I am one among many who feel they have been hung out to dry.

Rowling also took to Twitter today to ask for her followers’ support, posting a link to a page explaining the issue being brought to parliament and stating:

If you agree, please ask your MP to vote for the Lab/Lib proposals tomorrow.

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Jessica J.

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