Alohomora! Favorite Moment #5

To celebrate their one year anniversary, every week between now and April 18, the hosts of Alohomora! are going to share one of their favorite moments with you. You might be surprised as to which moments some of them pick…or not surprised at all. Be sure to read each of their posts carefully though, as they will provide hints and clues to a very exciting announcement that the podcast is making on its actual anniversary, April 18.

This week’s favorite moment comes from the podcast’s magical creatures rights activist, Noah:

My favorite moment from Alohomora! was when Steve Vander Ark – author of the Harry Potter Lexicon – came on the show. He’s a boss. Specifically I most enjoyed the moment where he talked about how Dumbledore was the one force in the Harry Potter series that controlled and knew all, and that he may in fact be an Animagus! What kind of animal did we decide he transforms into? An owl – of course!

The mental image of Dumbledore sitting in a tree as a secret owl still lasts with me to this day (even though we recorded the episode months ago). Listen to the episode right here. It has been so fun releasing these episodes every other week, and I think we’re due for even more fun very soon….

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