CC #337: Week of April 7, 2013

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‘Hagrid, wait! I forgot my blankie!’

‘Hurry, Hagrid! The fangirls are gaining on me!’

‘Wait, Hagrid! Turn around! Someone’s giving away free Chocolate Frogs.’

Harry: Hey, Hagrid, we better back up. We don’t have enough road to get up to 88.
Hagrid: ‘Roads?’ Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.
-Chris G.

Snape: *Flying overhead* POTTER! Are you insane? You cannot just drive on a Muggle road with an enchanted vehicle – You’ve already been seen by no less than 7 Muggles. You have risked the exposure of our world! Do you have any idea how serious this is?
Harry: *Rolling his eyes* Speed up, Hagrid.

Hagrid: Hold on, I think that’s an ICE CREAM TRUCK. Let me get a chip-wich!
Harry: Yeah… let’s wait on that, there’s Death Eaters tracking us.
Random Death Eater: Come on, we need their chip-wiches.
Harry: Wait… ice cream trucks don’t drive at night.
Hagrid: What’s that one doing, then?
Everyone: ….Rupert.
Rupert: What, it’s not like I can sell anything.

Harry and Hagrid had just egged Stephenie Meyer’s house and were fleeing the authorities. It was a good day.

‘Hagrid! We missed the EXIT!’

Harry: I better get my wand out; we’re in a bad part of town.
Hagrid: How do you know?
Harry: Those rims are spinning.

‘Hagrid, quit going so fast! Now I have to modify the speed camera memory!’

Hagrid: ‘Come, Harry! To Taco Bell!’

Harry: Hagrid! There’s a Blast-Ended Skrewt in here with me! Maybe I should throw it at them!
Hagrid: You’ll do nothing of the kind!

‘Keep going, Hagrid. I’ll deal with the fuzz.’

‘Hagrid, you really need to get some mirrors on here. I can’t be your eyes every time you merge.’

‘Sorry about your antenna, dude!’

‘Pedal faster! I hear banjos!’

‘FASTER, Hagrid! Ron and Dumbledore are catching up!’

‘Uh-oh, that guy is texting while driving! That’s unsafe!’





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