20-Year-Old Letter Discovered Between Rowling and Supposed Minister of Magic, Wizarding World Is Real?

As a reader of Harry Potter, or even any fantasy, one always manages to lose oneself in the book – leaving the regular world behind and journeying into the imagined one found between the pages. For readers of J.K. Rowling, this was always very easy. Rowling managed to detail her world so magnificently, but also cloak it very well within our own. For some reason, with these books, the desperate hope that it might not all be pretend never really went away, despite knowing that magic cannot be real.

Or can it?

The Guardian is reporting that an unnamed source has supposedly discovered a twenty-year-old letter between Rowling and a man named Charles Furch. Does the latter name sound familiar? That shouldn’t be surprising, considering in this uncovered correspondence, Mr. Furch signs his name and position – Minister for Magic.

We’ll give you a couple of moments to gather yourself amidst this shocking news.

While The Guardian has yet to reveal any other details from the letter, our minds are racing as to the possible contents. Why would J.K. Rowling have correspondence with someone calling himself the Minister for Magic… before she ever wrote the Harry Potter books? Was this the inspiration for her story? Was he an early motivation for Cornelius Fudge?

But certainly, the question on all of our minds – is magic, dare we say it, real?

We seek to report only the news here on MuggleNet and never wish to take a rumor too far. But this could be one of the most groundbreaking uncoverings of our time. When reached for comment, neither The Guardian or Rowling’s reps returned our phone calls.

As further details break, we will continue to bring you the latest. Until that time, constant vigilance!