Five reasons why the Statute of Secrecy should be dropped

Since the Statute of Secrecy was officially established in 1692, wizards and witches of the world have effectively separated themselves from Muggles. The law mandates that in each nation, magic folk must not do anything to expose the existence of the Wizarding World, and unless you’re like Wendelin the Weird who enjoys a good witch burning every now and then, this kind of safeguard seems highly intuitive.

But heck – now that humanity has come out of the Dark Ages and is more accepting by and large of social change, and Voldemort’s finally gone, could it be time for the International Confederation of Wizards to remove the Statute forever?

Here are five reasons why we think the world might be ready for a little more magic:

1) More knuts, sickles, and ooh la la the galleons!

The day Lord Voldemort was first defeated by Harry Potter in 1981 was, perhaps, one of the most bizarre days Muggles have ever had in recent history. There were owls everywhere and falling stars, but let’s not forget the cloaks! Witches and wizards took to the streets celebrating in vibrant colors like violet and emerald green.

If the Statute was lifted, Muggles would be able to wear these colors, too! What’s more, it would become socially acceptable (and possibly cool) for students to wear Muggle brands when they go to school! Just think about it – the fashion industry would be just one of many businesses to prosper if the two worlds united, ultimately creating stronger economies for both.

2) Better law enforcement

It’s true that the Ministry of Magic occasionally works with Muggle law enforcement to spread the word about magical convicts – think back to the Sirius Black days in ’93. But consider this: if the Auror office worked closely with Muggle policemen and women, who, if anyone, would be able to slip under that radar? Would Voldemort have been as powerful (and as damaging, frankly, against the Muggle community) had Muggles been better informed of the danger?

3) Intellectual Renaissance

If the Muggle World and Wizarding World started working together you can bet a whole lot of education would happen on both sides. As far as we know from the canon, magic folk have had to magically improvise when it comes to manufacturing (especially electrical) and architecture. Think of the advancements in science and mathematics that students at Hogwarts could benefit from! On the other end, Muggle philosophers and scientists would learn a great deal about the nature of reality and existence through purely the study of magic.

4) More acceptance of Muggle-borns

In the books, it was terrible to read the scenes where Draco criticized Hermione for being a Mudblood, and later we learned that this prejudice wasn’t merely held by the Malfoys, but a great portion of the Wizarding community obsessed with purity of magical blood.

But after the fall of Lord Voldemort and the all-out persecution of Muggle-borns he led, is it possible the sentiments within the magical community are ready to shift in the reverse direction? An embrace of Muggles would likely work to end this prejudice, and it’s possible that Muggle-borns would, instead of being reviled, be actually celebrated by both communities as bridges between the two cultures.

5) More living space

Because of the Statute, witches and wizards have been forced to live their lives completely in secret. This sort of situation likely contributes to magical youths resenting Muggles and playing tricks on them on a regular basis. But if the law was dismantled, magic folk would be able to live anywhere in the world and lead exactly the kind of magical lifestyle they would want to (within the legal parameters of their place of residence, of course).

In the process of writing these five reasons why the Statute should be dropped, this news writer has thought of several reasons why it should not be dropped! But what is your take? Should the Statute of Secrecy be removed, and what sort of issues might arise from removing it?

Could it spark, dare I say… a war?