Alohomora! Episode 31: ‘The Many Motivations of Severus Snape’ – Now Available!

Alohomora! continues its global re-read of the Harry Potter series led by fans and MuggleNet staff. Last week we held our first live audience show at MISTI-Con 2013, and now we’re back on the airwaves! Listen in as hosts Noah, Caleb, Laura, and Eric break down Chapter 19 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – “The Servant of Lord Voldemort.”

On Episode 31 you can expect…

→ Episode 29 Recap: James from ‘beyond,’ Peter crying by the windowsill, the Marauders save their skins, Crookshanks the protector
→ Special Feature Recap: The Beast Inquisition, Animagi
→ PQOTW Responses
→ Battle Snape commences
→ Lily? Eh, 5 or 6
→ The chords are not alive
→ What if the rat was just a rat? Awkward..
→ Flaws in the ‘Secret Keeper’ plans
→ Sirius goes ALL CAPS on us
Question of the Week
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