CC #342: Week of May 12, 2013

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Ron: ‘This is what I get for taking Platform 3.14 as a shortcut.’

Unfortunately, Ron could only step a few feet into the room. Sheldon, with magic of his own, had set up a barrier that only people with I.Q. levels greater than 80 may pass through…

‘Bloody Bazinga!’
-Danielle C.

After not picking up ‘Super Clyde,’ CBS decides to keep Rupert Grint around.

‘I don’t care what you say about ‘physics’! I’m telling you, I CAN Apparate!’
-Jourdyn M.

Ron: ‘Bloody hell! The little ball of light brought me here?’

Ron: ‘Christmas morning, I was sleeping in this little pub, keeping away from some Snatchers, and I heard it. A voice. Your voice, Sheldon. You said my name. Just my name. Like a whisper.’
-Frederik T.

Ron: *Pointing* I know what that is.
Sheldon: Wrong.

Rupert Grint: ‘Hi, I’m here to play the part of Penny.’

Sheldon: Did you bring the Thai food? Pick up the spicy mustard from the Asian grocer? Get the low sodium soy sauce?
Ron: No – I just followed this little ball of light that told me to come here…

Ron: Bloody hell! That’s a lot of stairs… where am I?
Sheldon: Well, that depends… are you talking Latitude, state, or fandom universe?
Ron: …bloody hell…

Ron: ‘What is with your clock?!’
-Susan M.

Jim Parsons: What made you choose our show to appear on?
Rupert Grint: I love those atom things they show when you transition between scenes.

Penny’s new boyfriend was more of a disappointment than expected.

Leonard: Oh my God, it’s Ron Weasley!
Sheldon: Oh, I can’t believe it, come in. You’re my eleventh favorite ginger in movie history.
Ron: Oh, this is the wrong set. I better get – Wait – only eleventh?

After spending a day with Sheldon, Ron realized that if he had the emotional range of a teaspoon, Sheldon must have the emotional range of a grain of sand.

Sheldon: You still have the Green Lantern Power Battery from last week… right?!
Ron: Uhhh…

Ron: ‘Blimey, you lot are a bunch of Hermiones.’
-Nicole G.

Ron: Bloody Hell! Again?
Leonard: Ron, what’s up with the Apparition problems, dude? Repeat slowly after me, ‘The Burrow,’ not ‘The Big Bang.’
Ron: *Disapparates*
Sheldon: He’ll be back.
-Jeff P.

Sheldon: ‘Welcome, Ronald. Are you ready for your first lesson of, ‘How to talk to/understand your amazingly smart girlfriend?’ I’m Sheldon, I will be your professor. This is Leonard, he will be muttering under his breath and turning green with envy.’
-Katie K.

Rupert Grint: The media’s been ignoring my work, but they’ll never be able to ignore this!
TV Guide: There were no special appearances on The Big Bang Theory last night.
Rupert Grint: Oh, come on!

Ron: ‘It was a little mistake! Where I live, I have to walk up flights of stairs with no use of an elevator, too.’

Ron: Hey guys, I’m here for the roommate interview?
Leonard: See ya, Sheldon, I’m out of here.

‘Alright, Raj wins Best Halloween costume.’
-Jeremy X.

Sheldon: Oh, look, Leonard, it’s one of the guys who ruined Harry Potter.
Rupert Grint: How… did I do that?
Sheldon: You’re not tall or gangly, you don’t have freckles, you –
Leonard: Uh, Sheldon, that kind of canon-thumping is really 2002.
Sheldon: I’ll have you know, my values aren’t trends that come and go with the years, and the fact of the matter is-
Rupert Grint: Uh, I’ll just be going now… okay?

Ron: ‘Muggles! Why’d it have to be Muggles?’
-Lilly L.

Ron: ‘Am I late for Dungeons and Dragons?’
-Cornish Pixie

Ron: ‘Aw, dad, I thought you were going to borrow a tent from Perkins!’
-Advitiya S.

After six years of ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ the mystery is finally solved.
Ron: So, six years ago, I accidentally cast a Laughter Curse on you guys, which is why that invisible audience laughs every time you do something funny. With Hermione’s help, we’re going to lift the curse.
Sheldon: Thank God, that thing was getting annoying!
*Invisible audience laughs*





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