Local Severna Park youth build – and race – Hogwarts Express Go-Kart

The kids of Saverna Park, Maryland are pretty magical, don’t you think? A group of twelve kids from five families ranging in age from 8-14 have constructed a working Hogwarts Express Go-Kart, and yesterday raced it in the annual American Visionary Art Museum’s kinetic sculpture race – a 15-mile-long race across Baltimore. Watch a video of the race here!

The entire train was built by the kids with just a little help from the parents. Here are some direct quotes from the builders:

“We just started off with a base of metal, then we put on the wheels and the seats, and then we put on the pedals and stuff. Then it kind of all came together.”

 Harber Carlson, 13

“The design uses a mix of materials – we mainly used canvass but there is some wood on there. We used a lot of Sharpe, but we stuck fabric on the windows. It was a lot of painting.”

Madeline Viteri, 11

Severnapark.patch.com reports the vehicle itself was built using a lot of old bicycles, Styrofoam, wood, and metal. It was then painted and designed to resemble the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter movies. See a pic of all the racers here:


These kids are incredible – we suspect they’ll be getting their acceptance letters to Hogwarts very soon.