Pottermore is “blazing their own trail” in eBook sales strategies

Pottermore may not exactly be under constant praise from the Harry Potter fan community, but according to The Bookseller Industry awards, the website came out on top, taking the win for Digital Strategy of the Year Award in the UK. Goodereader.com reports that Pottermore triumphed over industry bigwigs Kobo, Random House, Penguin, Bloomsbury, and Harlequin.

The article commends Pottermore for certain aspects of their unique approach to selling eBooks, including J.K. Rowling’s high level of control and involvement on the website, the company’s ability to have complete say over prices, and the fact that eBooks are compatible with all of the major e-readers and tablets.

One of the chief reasons Pottermore has been as successful as it has in terms of sales is because of the nature of the website and that:

They made an online world to live out the Harry Potter adventures. Every few months, new content is implemented and young folk can join in picking their House, engaging in wizard duels, making potions, visiting Diagon Alley, and getting up to all sorts of other hijinx.

We congratulate the Pottermore team on this award and look forward to new installments! Have you bought any eBooks from the Pottermore shop? What has been your favourite moment so far on Pottermore?