The Signature Shop to sell “Harry Potter” stars’ autographed photos

Have you ever wanted your own signature from your favorite Harry Potter film stars but don’t have the luck to run into them on the street? Now The Signature Shop, founded by actor Warwick Davis, will be selling licensed autographed photographs of various Potter stars, including Matthew Lewis and Warwick Davis, for affordable prices for fans around the world.

Regarding his initial interest in the project, Warwick Davis said:

This is something that I wanted to do for the fans. I saw so many forged signatures, some of which were supposed to be mine, selling for over inflated prices. I was determined to stop this and make genuine autographs available to the fans of Harry Potter, at affordable prices. Each and every autograph is authenticated by me and includes a signed certificate paired with a unique holographic sticker on the autographed photo.

The private signing with Matthew Lewis will take place on May 17, and the autographed photos will be 8×10 inches. The Signature Shop will be releasing three photo collections: The Hogwarts Faculty Collection, The Hogwarts Students Collection, and the Deathly Hallows Artwork Collection, which will be announced over the next few weeks and months.

Signed Matthew Lewis photos are available for pre-order up until May 16 from The Signature, or purchase one after the signing when there is a limited stock.

Are there any Potter cast or crew members whose signatures you would like to see available?