CC #344: Week of May 26, 2013

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Bond: ‘Now remember. Death Eaters could be anywhere, so be – WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS?!’

Bond: ‘All the girls say I’m magical. I’d like a professional opinion.’

Bond: ‘Want to parachute from a helicopter into a stadium?’

Bond: ‘You wouldn’t happen to be hiding a martini in that bag of yours, would you…?’

Bond: See, I’m so famous that they don’t even need to put my name in the titles of my movies. People will still know it’s about me.
Hermione: I guess I can see why a secret agent who introduces himself to everyone with his full name would be proud of that.

Bond: Your CV was a little vague. Your previous job was with the Ministry of what, exactly?
Hermione: I’d tell you, but then I’d have to erase your memory.

Bond: What’s your name?
Hermione: Hermione Granger.
Bond: Hmm… no ridiculous sexual pun. I’m afraid you’re not my type.

No one knew that Hermione had purposely given Ron the wrong hair for the Polyjuice Potion.

Bond: Now, we need to be subtle about seeing how many of them are in the back room. I suggest you take the lead and distract the bouncer, and I –
Hermione: Homonem revello! …Seven.
Bond: I guess MI6 started recruiting from Hogwarts after all…

Bond: ‘We at MI6 have been aware of your secret society for years. Whenever we spy on you, you’re always talking about ”wizards” and ”magic” and ”broomsticks.” Tell me, what are you REALLY talking about? Are you communists?’

Bond: Hey, do you wanna get out of-
Granger: No.

Bond: ‘No, you’re humming the wrong music. That’s the Mission Impossible theme.’

‘What do you mean you want your butterbeer shaken, not stirred?’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Bond: So your friend went up against his arch nemesis and got killed only to come back from the dead?
Hermione: Well, you only live twice, after all.
Bond: …should’ve seen that one coming.

Hermione’s Hollywood thievery finally goes too far when she steals an actual person.
Hermione: ‘Daniel Craig followed me home, I swear!’

Bond: The name is Bond. James Bond.
Hermione: Pleasure.

Bond: I’m new here. Could you give me directions to your bedroom?
Hermione: No.
Bond: Well, I love that dress. Could I talk you out of it?
Hermione: No!
Bond: If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?
Hermione: Seriously, I’m not flirting with you!
*Long pause*
Bond: This has never happened before.

Bond: If you were a Dementor, I’d become a criminal just to get your kiss.
Hermione: *Stares*

‘Don’t you think Professor Snape would be better at the whole secret agent thing?’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Bond: Miss Granger?
Hermione: Mr. Bond! You scared The Living Daylights out of me!
Bond: Sorry I’m late. I was in the Casino Royale, surveying On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
Hermione: Mr. Bond, this document is For Your Eyes Only. It contains information on Octopussy, a Man With The Golden Gun, a GoldenEye and Goldfinger. He must be stopped.
Bond: Why can’t your people do it?
Hermione: To have A View To A Kill, you must have the License to Kill.
Bond: And my fee? After all, You Only Live Twice.
Hermione: You’ll have access to the Moonraker bank, full of diamonds. And Diamonds are Forever.
Bond: I’ll only Die Another Day.
Hermione: Tomorrow Never Dies. If you don’t want diamonds, you can have whatever in the world you want.
Bond: The World is Not Enough. We’ll discuss it later. I have a date at the Skyfall with a girl who came From Russia With Love. You wouldn’t know about that, though, would you?
Hermione: Actually, I have a date, too. With a Doctor, No… A Spy Who Loved Me. Anyway, Bond. Be at the Thunderball tomorrow and get the Quantum of Solace back from him. And Bond.
Bond: Yes?
Hermione: Live and Let Die.

Stalking is when two people go on a romantic walk together but only one of them knows about it.

Bond: ‘That man over there wants to Avada Kedavra you. Better sleep with me for your own protection.’





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