Fans’ votes reveal which spell they would use the most

Last week, MuggleNet asked our Facebook fans which Harry Potter spell they would use the most. The votes are now in, and while some results were to be expected, others were, well, a bit worrisome.

Taking the top spot was Accio, with an astounding 44.87% of votes! Along with their votes, many people added that they would use the spell for reasons including finding lost items, avoiding driving or walking to get small items, and getting snacks without having to leave the couch. Seems fair.

In second place, with 5.24% of votes is the infamous Killing Curse, Avada Kedavra. Though we have faith in the community that, should by some miracle magic manifest itself in our lives, the world would not be faced with mass killings (most of which would tend to occur on Mondays at work, according to voter comments), placing first runner up might raise some eyebrows. In addition, the combined percentage of votes for the three Unforgivable Curses (Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and Imperio) was 10.58%, and each curse landed in the top fifteen.

Closely behind the curse that was used quite frequently by a certain Dark Lord, is the spell that is sometime considered Harry Potter’s “trademark”: Expelliarmus. At 4.59%, this percentage might be quite accurate, as Expelliarmus makes a great defensive spell against the Killing Curse. Of which apparently we would be seeing a fair bit.

In fourth was Lumos, with 4.06% of votes. Because who wants to carry around a flashlight AND a wand?

Fifth place could be up for discussion, as this may or may not qualify as a “spell”. 3.42% of voters would use Apparition most often, as this would not only erase travel time, but also travel costs. Let us know your thoughts as to whether this is technically a spell or, if not, what it should be categorized as.

These outcomes may point out the reason why we have not been bestowed with magic. If these results held true for wizards and witches, why do we not read about them using the Summoning Charm on every page? Are they naturally less violent than Muggles?

Share your thoughts on these findings. Are there any that you think are missing from the top five?