“This is the End” – saved by Daniel Radcliffe?

The comedy This is the End came out just days ago on June 12 and features Emma Watson. However, she wasn’t the first Potter star to be approached about a role in the film. Originally, writer-director Evan Goldberg went to Daniel Radcliffe two years earlier.

Daniel declined the offer because he wasn’t fond of the script. This decline pushed Goldberg to change it up to make it better. Goldberg stated,

[Daniel] very respectfully explained that the material was not quite good enough, and he was right. It was a bad early version. He taught us a lesson. We learned something from him that day.

What he seems to be saying is that without Daniel’s insight, the film might have turned out rather poorly. But they were able to get Emma Watson instead, so it was a win-win situation on the film’s part.

Have you seen This is the End? How might it have been different if Dan was in it instead? Discuss below!