“A Picture of Autumn,” starring Christian Coulson, extends Off-Broadway run

The stage production of N. C. Hunter’s A Picture of Autumn has recently released a new schedule in which it extends its Off-Broadway track an additional two weeks. This Mint Theater Company production features actor Christian Coulson, who portrayed Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, along with stars George Morfogen, Jonathan Hogan, Helen Cespedes, and many others.

Performances for the American premiere of A Picture of Autumn were originally scheduled from June 10 to July 14. The Mint Theater Company, however, has decided to expand the show’s calendar to July 27.

Mint Theater Company has called A Picture of Autumn a “sensitive, intelligent and comic depiction of one family’s attempt to grow old gracefully. Autumn tells the story of Charles and Margaret Denham, living in disarray in the decaying ancestral home with ancient Uncle Harry and senile Nanny. Their son Robert returns to England after several years abroad and finds that both the house and its occupants have faded from past glory. When an opportunity to sell the burdensome property arises, Robert leaps at the chance to help his parents downsize.”

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