CC #350: Week of July 7, 2013

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Bathilda: ‘Come along, you two. I’d be happy to snake – I mean, take – you in for the holidays!’
-Andrew A.

Harry: Alison?
Hermione: I knew you were still alive!
Harry: Hermione, you’re missing the point! She’s A!
Alison: Wait, this isn’t Rosewood…

Harry: I felt really comfortable telling you my whole life story. You’re such a nice Muggle lady. You will keep it a secret, won’t you?
J.K. Rowling: A promise is a promise.

Hermione: Those bags are definitely shot.
Harry: I know, but I can’t look away…

Hooded Man: So, I hear that you two are in the market for a Horcrux.
Harry: That depends. What have you got?
The Hooded Man flips open his cloak to reveal a full-sized set of French doors, which he opens to a long hallway stuffed to the roof with various items.
Hooded Man: Every Horcrux ever made, working or broken. Barring a few exceptions for living ones, of course.
Harry: you know, when we set out on our adventure, I didn’t think it would be this easy.
Hermione: Pay the man, Harry.

Hermione: Ron, I know I did a bad job on your hair… but you can’t just go around in that hood until it grows back.
Ron: Just watch me!

And so it happened that Waldo had been evading witches and wizards for years under his hooded cape…
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Harry: I like your coat.
Hermione: Seriously, Harry, this isn’t the time to flirt.

Harry: ‘Nothing, we just hoped that, out of the authors listed on the first-year supply list, it’d be Quentin Trimble or Arsenius Jigger we’d be meeting in the last book. I mean, those names are just funnier than ”Bathilda Bagshot.” No offense.’

Daniel: ‘Wow, they really cut the Dementor budget, didn’t they?’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Mysterious Stranger: ‘And, if you order now, I will include a free bottle of your favorite Avon fragrance!’

Harry: ‘Excuse me, we accidentally hit a baseball over your fence.’






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