CC #352: Week of July 21, 2013

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Ron: Hi, Hermione! I’m back, and I got you a necklace! Please forgive me!
Hermione: No!!!
Hermione: But, he went to Jared’s!

‘I know it was a family heirloom, but… um… I sort of… sat on it…. Sorry.

Ron: ‘See? Your favorite necklace wasn’t even that damaged after I sat on it.’

‘Hey, baby. I got 99 problems, but a Horcrux ain’t one of them!’
-Juana P.

Ron: *Nervous laugh* Er, hi, Hermione. I’m, uh, sorry I ran away from your beautiful face for a couple of weeks… *clears throat* But if it makes you feel any better, I got you a necklace.
Hermione: *Slaps Ron* I TOLD YOU TO GET ME A PUPPY!

Ron: ‘So, I was wondering if you might kiss me the way the Horcrux showed you kissing Harry…?’

Ron: Happy birthday!
Hermione: *Shrieking and jumping up and down* Oh, Ron! How did you know I always wanted an ostentatious, mirrored compartment which entombs the fragment of a dark lord’s soul?!
Ron: Actual-
Ron: Yeah, I destro-
Ron: But wasn’t that the point?
Hermione: *Glares* Forget it. We’re through. You’ll just never understand women and jewelry.

‘Hermione, take this stabbed locket as a sign of my love and fidelity.’

Ron: Hey!
Hermione: You show up here after weeks, and you say ‘hey’?
Ron: Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Hermione: Ron, what are you doing?
Ron: Macho, macho man! I’ve got to be, a macho man!
Hermione: Ron, what is wrong with your brain?!
Ron: What – don’t you think this is an appropriate time for me to sing that song?

Ron: ‘Hermione! Do you always have to hex first and ask questions later? That was my favorite yo-yo!’

Ron: ‘Happy birthday, Hermione! I got you a Horcrux. Slightly used, but whatever.’

When purchasing a Ron, be sure to give him an ID collar with your home address. Make sure the collar cannot be removed by your Ron, as in the above illustration.
Warning: Rons have voracious appetites. Their natural diet consists of candy and chocolate in any form.


Ron: So there was Harry, the locket tight around his neck, and he couldn’t get it off. I knew it was up to me. So I dove in, tore the locket off, noticed the sword of Gryffindor was down there, too, grabbed that, and swam back up to the surface. Next, I stabbed the locket with the sword, came back to camp, and here we are!
Hermione: So where’s Harry?
Ron: …Knew I was forgetting something.
-Jeremy X

‘Hey, Hermione… apparently this thing knows what you look like naked.’

Ron: Hermione… will you marry me?
Hermione: Ron, that’s not a ring.
Ron: I know, but I couldn’t afford a ring and so I thought, ‘Well, a necklace isn’t that different from a ring, is it?’
Hermione: Uh, yes it is.
Ron: Whatever. They’re both round and they’re both stupid girl things. So, will you marry me, then?

Hermione: Did we really have to search every previous camping site to find THAT?
Ron: But it’s my favorite necklace!
-Tess H.

Ron: What’s this black thing? Is this a SOUL, Hermione? I wish I had one…
Hermione: Gingers!
-Rachel B.

Hermione: Seriously, Ron, the show was cancelled. Let it go.

‘But, Hermione, I put so many coins in the claw machine to get this for you, while a tiny little ball of light kept shining in my eyes!’

Hermione: ‘You better have brought a better ”I’m sorry” present than that!’
-The Doctor’s Daughter

Ron: I found your necklace, Hermione.
Hermione: That’s not my necklace – it’s Harry’s.
Ron: WHAT?
Hermione: Ya – and don’t get me started on his earrings.

Ron: I finally found the car keys. They were in my pocket the whole time.
Hermione: Great; now we have to walk six miles back to the car.






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