Final PoA chapters to feature new Pottermore update – The Story Navigator

We last reported that the final chapters of Prisoner of Azkaban would be available on Pottermore in the coming few weeks, and now Pottermore Insider promises new upcoming features. With the exploration of the last installment of chapters for Book 3, users will be able to use The Story Navigator.

Previously, Pottermore has only allowed users to view the chapters in the order that they come. With The Story Navigator users will be able to jump to specific parts of the books without having to go in order if they don’t want to. The moments in each chapter will remain the same. On the Navigator, any moments you have not visited will appear in black and white, and moments you have already finished will appear in color.

The Story Navigator seems like a helpful addition, especially if you find yourself eager to get to a certain chapter. Pottermore is continuing to expand and evolve, so stay tuned for future updates!

Will this update improve the Pottermore experience for you? What other updates are you hoping for? Let us know below!