UPDATE: First image & trailer released of Emma Thompson in new movie “Saving Mr. Banks”


TIME Magazine has just released a first look at the new film Saving Mr. Banks starring Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. In the movie Thompson plays P.L. Travers, the author of the Mary Poppins series and several other children’s books.

The movie documents Travers’s complicated life as well as the stormy relationship between Travers and the studio’s mastermind, Walt Disney (played by Tom Hanks). The two notoriously struggled over creative decisions concerning the first Mary Poppins book’s adaptation into film. This first image shows Travers’s initial meeting with Disney, which took place at Disneyland in 1961.

Thompson calls Travers “the most difficult person I’ve ever played.”  In the interview she goes on to explain: “She was a woman of quite eye-watering complexity and contradiction. Often I play people who are controlled by some very clear guiding moral principles. Like Margaret Schlegel [in Howards End], guided by the early principles of feminism and equal rights, and Elinor Dashwood [in Sense and Sensibility], guided by the principles of decency and honor. There are very clear moral prisms these women pour life through, and I understand that very well. And [Travers] was not like that at all. She was far more chaotic and confused and morally various.”

You can read the entire TIME article here. Saving Mr. Banks arrives in theaters on December 13.

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