A Shy Hufflepuff

Dear Luna,

Hi Luna, I was wondering, how do you manage to be so amazing and brave? You’re always yourself, no matter how much people tease you. How can you do it?


The shy Hufflepuff

Dear Shy Hufflepuff,

Oh, goodness, thank you for the kind words. I’ve never been called amazing. And from a stranger, too!

How do I manage it? Well, I suppose I was brought up by very eccentric parents, and some of their beliefs and personality may have rubbed off on me throughout the years. They used to tell me that people will always look down upon or question those who are out of the ordinary, but that I should never change because of it. In my home outside of Hogwarts, being unique was always seen as a positive thing. When I went to Hogwarts, I didn’t think it would be a big deal, and I didn’t make it one. I tried my best to ignore teasing because it seemed pointless to try to come up with rude things to say back. My friends were rather good at sticking up for me as well.

I want people to perceive me how I actually am regardless of what is considered cool. The people who matter won’t care anyway. And anyone who teases one person probably teases many more, so that helps me take it less personally.

Loony Lovegood does have a nice ring to it anyway, don’t you think?

Watch out for the nargles!