David Bradley – Harry Potter’s Argus Filch – is having a busy year

According to a recent article, David Bradley – who appeared in the Harry Potter film franchise as caretaker Argus Filch – appeared at the BBC America Television Critics Association panel last Thursday to promote his upcoming role in the documentary “An Adventure in Space and Time.” In this documentary about the creation of the British sci-fi series “Doctor Who” David Bradley portrays William Hartnell, the very first actor to take on the role of the titular character, the Doctor. A part of the 50th anniversary celebration of “Doctor Who,” this show will air in November.

In addition to his upcoming role in “Doctor Who,” Bradley is also in the BBC murder-mystery “Broadchurch” along with Potter actors David Tennant and Alfie Enoch. This has already aired in Britain, but can now be found on BBC America, Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

In HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” Bradley’s character, Walder Frey, played an important role in the episode “Red Wedding” which ended in the death of a few primary characters. About the strong reaction of the fans, Bradley commented that “I’ve watched a lot of footage on YouTube of people’s reactions to watching it. It’s just amazing that you’re part of something that can generate all those emotions and … doing the scene, I just enjoy every moment of it. I enjoyed it rather too much actually.”

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